Surfing and Travel Tips Sri Lanka

Surf boards

Can normally be hired locally for 1000 Sri Lankan Rupees a day or 300 for an hour. You can bring your own – as you wish – more equipment to lug around.


Surfboard straps

If you bring your own boards bring some good straps for tying your boards to the top of a Tuk Tuk, otherwise it maybe a bungee cord and have your boards flapping around.


Spare Surf Leash

Available from Madiha Surf Shop


Tropical temperature Sex Wax

Local surf wax is like rubber in Sri Lanka and good tropical surf wax is hard to find.


Rash Vests

You can buy cheap quality rash vests – it is good to bring a couple with long sleeves and high sun protection , go for UV +50 fabric


Phones / SIM free Mobile Internet Dongle

Bring a simple long lasting “old style” phone to give good battery life.

A smart phone is good for keeping in touch and on the internet. Dialog have 3G HSPA+ mobile internet and the best coverage in the south west.

Many places have WiFi but it can be slow. You can pick up a prepay data SIM at the main shops (with you passport) for 700 Sri Lankan Rupees and 500 Sri Lankan Rupees per 5 GB of download.

Local supermarket “Food City” offer top up cards for RS 100 – or look out for a phone shop that has a dedicated top up machine – to save lots of scratching and entering numbers!



Sri Lankan diet can provide you with more of less everything however if you are surfing a lot or doing other demanding activities there are some vitamins and trace elements that could be missing in Sri Lankan / travelling diet. A good multivitamin supplement is useful for the first month or so.


Surf First Aid Kit

Bring iodine based disinfectants, wound closure strips, good selections of large plasters, medical grade super glue fixes a small fin cut in no time. You can buy many medicines over the counter including broad spectrum antibiotics. We found the white powder in a small blue bottle from the local pharmacy (Bacimix Powder) works best for grazes and small cuts.


Sun Hat with a brim to protect tops of ears from the sun when standing on the beach.

Travel Surge Protector

If you love your portable devices and want to keep them intact for your trip, go for one of these. The electricity supply can be random and fluctuates with surges.

It is good to bring a 4 way multi extension lead. Then you can use 4 chargers at the same time  – phones – camera – etc